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The logo for the Melaka Education City is a graphic expression of our raison d'etre - a township conceived and dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and learning.
  • The centerpiece is a stylised rendition of an open book to symbolise learning. Rays emanating from the book suggest enlightenment from knowledge. The centerpiece can also be seen to be like an open flower - a place where learning and knowledge will always be in full bloom. The color yellow represents light, which is an integral part of the township's name and concept.
  • A green band ending in two fronds encircle our open book. This represents a self-contained township designed to be conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. It is also symbolic of the township's many showpieces - the gardens of the world.
We are committed to realise Malaysia's vision as a center of excellence for higher education in the region. We intend to contribute to the economic development of Melaka in the nation's march towards Vision 2020. We desire to foster a symbiotic relationship with the local population so that they benefit from the development of the Melaka Education City. We are responding to the Government's call to green the nation by creating a harmonious balance between nature and development in the Melaka Education City. And for these, we have committed and will continue to deploy the best talents and resources to turn vision into reality.

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