As a fast-growing investment house, Sadec Capital provides corporate support services for mergers, acquisition and divestment activities. The services also include the arrangement or provision of capital funding for these activities.

Our expanding network of international and local contacts provide us a platform to continuously monitor the operating environment in the Asia Pacific region, assisting us to originate deals, negotiate the deals, manage the deal process, and facilitate the successful conclusion of deals.

We generally provide a near complete packaged solution to our clients, acting as a single stop centre for the organisation and management of the complicated processes involved in merger and acquisition activities.

We have established clear process methodologies and process templates to enable a systematic assessment of opportunities, entry and exit strategies, entry cost benefit analysis, specification of the environment and regulatory framework, and deal management checkpoints.

We also bring along with us experience in negotiating the legal and security documentation requirements to ensure the risk allocation process is well managed.


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