Product Logo Southrock GEMTM (formerly Advance Online) is a powerful software system that enables organisations to deliver and manage learning over their intranet and the Internet. It is built to underpin the workflow of online learning for corporate, commercial and educational institutions. Southrock GEMTM is the product of three years Research and Development, followed by its commercialisation in 1996 and continuing development over the last three years.

Southrock GEMTM is an open Web-based system that enables the delivery and management of:

  • Web-based content, from HTML through to Shockwave, JAVA and any embedded multimedia
  • paper-based content, e.g. Word documents, Adobe Acrobat files, or any other file intended for printing
  • legacy content, executable courseware that has been delivered using traditional authoring tools such as Toolbook, Authorware, etc, designed for diskette, CD-ROM or LAN-based distribution. Learners can enrol in courses, have them delivered to the desktop, and interact with tutors all in a fully supported online environment.

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