There are numerous trading opportunities in Asia, and between Asia and the rest of the world. The Sadec Group is involved in international trade, and would to like to further accelerate the trading transactions around the world. Towards this purpose, we now host a Trade List. The Trade List is a listing of buy offers and sell offers available. The Trade List is a FREE LISTING board, and there is no registration requirements. You can speedily post your buy or sell offers, without hassle. Since its lauch this October, we are having a great response. Some 2000 plus entries have been posted, and the list is growing. We are quite sure, you will find something of use to you here. Go ahead, and browse the Trade List. Why Asia? For one, Asia has some three-fourths of the world's population. The market is huge - several times that of United States. And despite Japan's financial problems, Japan continues to be the world's largest creditor nation. China posted double digit GNP growth for more than a decade, and it was Asia which had the tiger and dragon economies - a resounding GNP growth rate never heard on in Europe or America.

Join in the action now before the crowd gets bigger.

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"Asia is a goldmine of opportunity. Speed wins, time is the devil."

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