The economic and financial crisis which occured in East and South-east Asia in 1997/98 is a phenomenum never recorded in previous history. It saw the write-down in wealth by some 50-80%, many large companies with great past history were put out of business, and a lot of jobs were lost. The cause of the crisis is still being debated, but the important role of hedge funds and currency speculators in the debacle was a crucial factor that precipitated the crisis. The dust has settled, and the economies of the affected countries are now rebounding back.

The financial crisis in Asia affected other parts of the world as well. With the wealth write-down in Asia, Asia began to buy less, and this means less exports by other countries to Asia. This will mean less trade and less business to countries which trade with Asia. The affected companies exporting to Asia in turn began to slash jobs, and this in turn affected their countries' economies.

One key lesson which came out of this crisis is that no country is on its own. The interdepedency amongst countries in the world has increased so significantly over the last two decades. The adage goes: "Enrich thy neighbour, and you will enrich yourself". The collary adage is: "Empoverish thy neighbour, and you will also be empoverished".

After the financial crisis of 1997/98, Asia has very significantly revived. Most of the affected countries (excluding Japan and Korea) are now posting huge trade surplus -- some have exceeded pre-crisis levels. Asia is now rebuilding itself. There is a goldmine of opportunities out there. Are you in it?

Asia has wonderful acquisition opportunities. Have you heard of "river bottom fishing". Think of the salmon season during summer. The fish is just there for the picking at river upstreams. Yes, there are numerous businesses in Asia available for the picking -- at very attractive prices. There can be no better moment in history. It is now, as the prices are beginning to move up. Speed wins, time is the devil.

We are already in it, and trust you will join us in this exciting era - or you can read about it in the history books - later.

Why Asia? For one, Asia has some three-fourths of the world's population. The market is huge - several times that of United States. And despite Japan's financial problems, Japan continues to be the world's largest creditor nation. China posted double digit GNP growth for more than a decade, and it was Asia which had the tiger and dragon economies - a resounding GNP growth rate never heard on in Europe or America.

With the financial crisis, Asian currencies took a severe plunge. This makes imports from Asia much cheaper. You can see this in the stores. It is a shopping bounty, unheard of in several decades. Are you already importing from Asia?

The Asian financial crisis is OVER. Yes, it is over. With the economies now rebounding, trade will increase. Asia will now begin to import more. Are you already exporting yet?

Join in the action now before the crowd gets bigger.

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"Asia is a goldmine of opportunity. Speed wins, time is the devil."

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