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Opening Ceremony in Pix
Opening Ceremony
Commonwealth Flag being brought into the grounds at the Opening ceremony.

The Malaysian flag being brought into the Bukit Jalil Stadium at the Opening Ceremony.

Malaysian contingent makes entrance to 100,000 crowd applause at the Opening Ceremony march past.

Samoa team in floral shirts and sarongs thrill the crowd with their war dance Haka at the Opening march-past.

Swaziland women in national costume led by their "warrior".

The English in their red tees and black shorts at the march-past.

Departing from the tradition, the Scots in their sarong-like long skirts in bunga raya motifs.

Patriotic and enthusiastic spectators will not forget the chance of their lifetime.
The Malaysian story unfolds at the Opening ceremony cultural presentation.

Fireworks galore at the Opening ceremony.

Scot team brave the wind in their skirts despite warning that mozzies may fly up their kilts.

The Indian team in their yellow turban and smart suits at the Opening ceremony march-past.

Bumble bees, sunflowers and leaves donned by 2,000 school children perform at the Opening Ceremony.

The Malaysian team resplendent in their kebaya costume at the Opening ceremony.

Grand finale of the Cultural Show presentation at the Opening Ceremony.

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