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Building & Construction   Architectural & decorative, Construction equipment, General building materials, Hardware, Miscellaneous
Total Entries: 39.

  • Feb 8, 2001 (5021): Stain less Steel Sinks
    Iran: Modern Stain less Steel Sinks, outset, inset, round, shower tray, bowl
    email: Meisam
  • Oct 19, 2000 (2869): louvre frames
    Malaysia: We export steel and aluminium adjustable louvre frames of good quality and competitive price. Please contact us for quotation or visit our website
    email: Mr. Chia Sow Yee url: Trade List
  • Oct 4, 2000 (2829): Clay Roof Tiles, Bricks & Pavers from Malaysia
    Malaysia: Kia Lim Berhad is Malaysia's largest manufacturer and exporter of clay roof tiles, bricks and pavers. Our products are widely used in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the Middle East.
    email: Nancy Ng url: Website
  • Aug 31, 2000 (2724): INSECT SCREENS FROM SPAIN
    SPAIN: We seek importeres, distributors and agents worldwide for our insect screens, roll-up and slide screens, as well as doors made-to-measure or in bars. High quality at very competitive prices. Fax: +34.955.90.31.11 > PERSIANAS ECIJANAS,S.L. ECIJA-SEVILLA - SPAIN.
  • Aug 24, 2000 (2699): Door Hinges and Locks
    South Korea: Dear sir: We are looking for importers for the door-hinges and other door hardware made by a company in Korea. Hyundae Precision Co., LTD is a leading plant especially specialized in manufacturing a wide range of door-hinges: butt hinge, closet hinge, loose joint hinge, flag hinge, pivot hinge, spring hinge, hi-d hinge, template hinge as well as and flat tie, wedge pin, door lock, etc.. We have been making mainly a wide range of door-hinges for more than 30 years and occupying 70 percent of Korean market. We also have been exporting the products to Japan over a decade. The exporting rate has been continually increased for the period and the goods have got favorable reputation from consumers. Our products have got ISO 9002 certification and UL marks as well as KS marks, which would prove the quality of them. Contact us if interested or for more info.
    email: Kim, Byung Ki url: Trade List
  • May 8, 2000 (2510): Alkaline Resistance Fibreglass Roving
    Hong Kong: We, Texas Fiberglass Group is an enterprise specialized in the field of fiberglass products. The main products are AR Fiberglass Roving, AR Fiberglass Scrim, AR Glass Marble, AR Chopped Strand, Fiberglass Yarn, Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiberglass Woven Fabrics, Fiber Glass Chopped Stand Mat (CSM), Fiberglass Needled Mat, Fiberglass Screen For Reinforcing Grinding Wheel, PVC Coated Fiber glass insect screen, Fiber Glass screen for reinforcing cement, E Class speciality glass wool (microfiber), E Class Coated Fiberglass Sleeving, E Class Fiberglass woven Tape.
    email: Texas Fiberglass Group url: Trade List
  • Apr 13, 2000 (2481): Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
    U.S.A.: Distributors wanted for our full line of bio-formulated (bacteria/enzyme) cleaning and maintenance products. All of our products are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and biodegradable. Some of our product applications include drain line/grease trap maintenance, odor elimination, laundry care, carpet care, degreasing, aquaculture, composting, and waste water treatment. Contact Tel: (1) 630-261-0061 Fax: (1) 630-261-0064
    email: Bacteria Concepts, Inc. url: Website
  • Oct 1, 1999 (2114): Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Plywood
    China: We are manufacturers who producing Bamboo Flooring and Bamboo Plywood. We are not only to sell our products and also providing our services. For more details, welcome to our home.
    email: gzsungy url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2102): Aluminium Prepainted Coil
    Korea: Alumate Corporation wish to sell aluminium prepainted coil (PVDF, Polyester, PVC, Plastic, Acrylic, Laminated) building material in exterior or interior and high polymeric polyester painted steel sheets.
    email: SOO YOUNGHA
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2099): Bathroom Accessories
    Korea: We are famous for our range of bathroom accessories.
    email: E J Choi url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2091): Aluminium composite panel
    Korea: We, Alumate Corporation, are a very specialized company dealing in Aluminium Composite panel as building exterior cladding and Aluminium prepainted coil. We are looking for customer who wants to buy aluminium composite panel produced in Korea.
    email: soo youngha url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2085): Enviro wood look-alike plank and wall panel
    Malaysia: We can supply Supertex Woodgrain planks/wall panels, and lattice sheets. These are fiber cement products. Fiber cement is made of portland cement, specially treated sand, cellulose fiber and is asbestos free. Fiber cement products resist damage caused by extended exposure to water, salt spray, ultavoilet light and termites, does not wrap, rot, crack or decay, has good workability.
    email: Virtuous Enterprise url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2055): Door-scopes
    China: To be safe in your home, you need to know who is on the other side of your door before you open it. The doorscope is a revolutionary new security product that makes the conventional "peephole" obsolete. With the doorscope you can stand at a distance of up to 7 feet and acquire a true image of the visitor but the person waiting outside is unable to look inside.
    email: Fang Henglin url: website
  • Sept 26, 1999 (1998): Bamboo flooring
    China: We are one of largest manufacturers, designers and exporters in China of quality Bamboo Flooring item, mainly for export. Contact us on your enquiries.
    email: Ted Chow
  • Sept 20, 1999 (1902): Portland Cement Type I & II
    Holland: We can offer Portland Cement Type I and Type II, quantity: 25000 MT, origin: Iran, spces: British Standard, Packing: 50 kg bags or 1.5 MT Pallets, Deliver: CIF Rotterdam, Netherlands (FOB is possible), Payment: Irrevocable DLC confirmed by ABN-AMRO, first shipment: 45-60 days.
    email: Rudolf Rijsdijk url: trade list



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