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Composites   Appliances equipment, Building & construction, Consumer products, Corrosion-resistant related, Electronics components, Recreational products, Sporting goods
Total Entries: 81.

  • Sep 30, 2000 (2821): COBALT POWDER FOR DIAMOND TOOLS
    india: We manufacture cobalt powder including extra fine grade for diamond tools.
    email: kumar
  • Aug 25, 2000 (2702): COBALT POWDER 300 MESH
    India: Wish to sell cobalt powder of 300 mesh of Indian and foreign origion
    email: Arun Lohiya url: Trade List
  • Aug 20, 2000 (2677): chromic acid,chromium oxide green,sodium bichromat
    China: CHROMATE CHEMICAL CO.LTD.(FAX:86-311-6830252)is a leading manufacturer and exporter of chromate chemicals in China. Since 1974, we have been specializing in: 1.Chromic Acid; 2.Chromium Oxide Green; 3.Sodium Bichromate; 4.Sodium Sulfide; 5.Basic chromium sulfate;
    email: chromate chemical (FAX:86-311-6830252)
  • May 8, 2000 (2507): Alkaline Resistance Fibreglass Roving
    Hong Kong: We, Texas Fiberglass Group is an enterprise specialized in the field of fiberglass products. The main products are AR Fiberglass Roving, AR Fiberglass Scrim, AR Glass Marble, AR Chopped Strand, Fiberglass Yarn, Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiberglass Woven Fabrics, Fiber Glass Chopped Stand Mat (CSM), Fiberglass Needled Mat, Fiberglass Screen For Reinforcing Grinding Wheel, PVC Coated Fiber glass insect screen, Fiber Glass screen for reinforcing cement, E Class speciality glass wool (microfiber), E Class Coated Fiberglass Sleeving, E Class Fiberglass woven Tape.
    email: Texas Fiberglass Group url: Website
  • Oct 3, 1999 (2133): Metal Polish, Detergents, Shampoos, Bath Foams
    We produce all types of detergents, liquids, powders, polishes and more. Visit our URL for further information.
    email: Fabersas url: website
  • Oct 2, 1999 (2129): Polished wood coasters
    Each of these novel coasters is one of a kind. A set includes 6 different wodd, in cross-sections of heart, cedar, mesquite, aspen juniper pecan and pine. The coasters are handcrafted and polished to show off the ringed design, coated with a polymer equivalent to 50 coats of varnish. Resistent to water, heat and alcohol. Backed with felt.
    email: Mack Dalton
  • Oct 1, 1999 (2111): Natural Mats
    We make natural mats of grass-straw woven in different patterns.These mats have a beautiful, natural texture.We have developed Dining Mats, Floor Mats and Picnic Mats which can be folded into a compact packs. These mats are made in various colourful combinations also. Please contact us for Business Information.
    email: Aadhunik Crafts
  • Oct 1, 1999 (2110): Natural Incense
    We make hand rolled incense with natural ingredients. These are: Balsam, Geranium, Lavender, Mattipal, Sambrani, Sandal, Vetiver and Ylang-Ylang. We pack our incense mostly in re-fill type Bamboo Cases which are natural and economical too in long run.Well packed Gift-Packs are also available. Also available: incense holders made from wood or stone.
    email: Aadhunik Crafts
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2101): Electric Fraye, Multi Warmer
    Korea: We are one of the leading Korean manufacturing companies in the household appliances field more than 20 years and our range of product is vast, including UV sterilizer, Towel Steamer for multipul purpose, Electric Fraye, Multi Warmer. We recently developed an EMI(electromagnetic interference) shielding sticker made of special woven fabrics.
    email: Donghwa url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2097): Bathroom and Washroom Accessories
    Korea: We, Daeshinkunki Ind CO. LTD, are famous company in Korea for the manufacture Bathroom and washroom accessories.
    email: E J Choi
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2096): Baby walker, Baby Carrier
    Korea: Our baby products include spring cushion type baby walker, and comfortable, safe and light frame baby carrier. We also have family carrier, and simple carrier for babies 6 months plus.
    email: K J Kang url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2076): Triple Head Toothbrush
    Korea: Revolutionary triple head toothbrush can remove tartar from teeth refreshingly, scaling and even to massage the gum in one minute. Toothbrush covers teeth on three sides (upside/downside, inside and outside). For pictures and more info, please visit our website.
    email: Kang url:
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2073): Gel-pen
    Korea: We can supply Metalic gel-pen (Euro) in 7 colors, Flourescent gel-pen (6 colors), Milkly/Pastel gel-pens (7 colors) and Normal gel-pens (4 colors). For picture and info, please visit our website.
    email: Kang url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2072): Pollution-free disposable & Packing-use cushion
    Korea: We, Jayonsarang Co. Ltd, are a leading manufacturer and exporter of environment-friendly products, such as pollution-free disposable products and shock-absorbing packing materials -- all made from natural corn starch. Visit website for details.
    email: H Y Jun url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2062): Computer Cleaner Magic clean tissue
    Computer cleaner is very effective cleansing tissue for computer, peripheral, electric home appliances, furniture, etc. It completely removes old stain/dirt which ordinary detergents cannot get rid off. No harm to humans, no pollution, no corrosive action.
    email: Kang url: website



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