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General Offers   All other offers, includes shipping, trade support services, trade exhibitions, trade shows, forums, trade directories, trade financing/facilitation arrangement, etc.
Total Entries: 80.

  • Nov 3, 2000 (2905): Consultancy services avaialble
    Bahrain: Consulatncy services available to set up business in USA.
    email: Abdul Ghani
  • Sep 23, 2000 (2802): Inovative products Wanted!!
    England: UK Agent wishes to act as sole agent for companies wishing to export to uk.
    email: Mark
  • Sep 9, 2000 (2764): Cooperation offered in the field of Used CNC machine
    India: We are now looking for Resellers/ Rebuilders / Retrofitters who want to offload rebuild & retrofit jobs to us in India. We are prepared to work out any mutual beneficial arrangement for working together for mutual benefit. If you have intentions/orders for Supplying any refurbished CNC Machinery to any where in World. We invite you to discuss the arrangement of working together. Tel : +91-0120-4634526 Mobile (India) 9810081215 Email :- /
    email: Synergetic Automation Technologies INDIA
  • Aug 16, 2000 (2670): WTC JAPAN TRADE LEADS Get Started !
    Japan: WTC JAPAN TRADE LEADS, launched by WTC JAPAN is an@absolutely "Free" trade offer bulletin board focusing on the Japanese market. This website provides those thinking of doing business in Japan and@those engaging in international business with great opportunities to promote@their products or services throughout Japan and the world without any@charge.
    email: WTC JAPAN url: Bulletin Board
  • Jul 26, 2000 (2624): ShipAgency [All Turkishports] - Ship&Cargo Broker
    Mersin,Turkey: We Have Shipping Agencies In All Turkish Ports.As Well As Transit Agencies For Straits.Pls Do Not Hesitate To Call Us For The best Proforma D/A's For Your Vessels At Any Turkish Ports Including Bosphorus Passing.
    email: Mrs Seyhan url: Website
  • Oct 3, 1999 (2137): Trade site
    Check out our renewed site! Free e-mail account, free weekly Trade leads, Economy news, etc. Please visit our Web Site.
    email: Globinex Intl url: website
  • Oct 2, 1999 (2127): MTNs available
    US: We, G & D Trading, have MTN's available. Funds first only. 50 billion USD minimum, with rolls and extension. For this to work you must be able to conference call your buyer with my seller. An LOI on the buyers letterhead is also needed. No long chains of brokers!
    email: Tom Godwin
  • Oct 2, 1999 (2123): Springfield Mo All Brick Home
    We have over 6 million in real estate for sale. We also advertise autos, boats, professional services and much more. Sign up for our free autonotify program! We call it "mart tinking"!
    email: Dru Christen
  • Oct 2, 1999 (2122): Take customers from your competitors!
    Call today and receive your free username and password to our members only website!! Have access to FREE: merchant accounts, webspace, shopping carts, autoresponders, marketing tools, and so much more!! Also find out how you can be in the top 20 of the search engines for just 30.00. Call for your free information 1-800-464-0042.
    email: Leona Harvey
  • Oct 1, 1999 (2121): Join and get paid to surf
    A london based web site, called, pays you to surf the internet. It's really simple! You display their adbar whilst you surf the web and will pass on some of their advertising revenue to you! You earn 25p per hour for every hour you have it on. Better still, you get paid for referring the site to your mates too!
    email: Neil Wright
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2104): Risk Investing
    Looking for new investment methods or need risk money for your project/idea? Take contact and visit our web site.
    email: RiskInvest url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2095): Why start your own offshort trust?
    An unsurpassed business opportunity producing tax-free income with P.I.L.L. Why start your own offshore trust? You send one-time $200 and help 3 to join.
    email: Harold Benjamin
  • Sept 28, 1999 (2047): Discover How to get rich Offshore!
    Free report: Discover "How to Get Rich Offshore Even If You're Broke!". Offshore secrets revealted. Get this incredible report now.
    email: E C Houser
  • Sept 28, 1999 (2029): Search 100,000 Loan Program in 3 seconds
    Save money and time! Searching over 100,000 loan programs would take an individual hours if not days. Then did they really search everything. Our online search mechanism makes that work done for you in seconds. It is truely the fastest program on the market. Once you have done this we proceed to take your mortgage application on line as well.
    email: Roger Herrick
  • Sept 28, 1999 (2022): Commercial Finance Available
    Australia: We are in the position to offer finance for a huge range of commercial projects. We specialize in Personal and Commercial loans between $500 Thousand to $500 Million U.S. Dollars. From 4% to 7% interest. Up to 90% Loan To Value of Your Collateral, or Commercial Property.
    email: steven H



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