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Internet   Internet Services, multi-level marketing, web site marketing & promotion, search engine, internet telephony, web site hosting, affiliate programs, site links, FFA links, banner exchange, advertising, e-commerce applications
Total Entries: 127.

  • Aug 4, 2000 (2652): for Sale
    INDIA: The domain name is for outright sale or for a partnership venture to be developed and used as a public portal. Send in your offers.
    email: Abey Mullassery url: Website
  • Jul 26, 2000 (2617): SEARCH WHAT YOU WANT IN ONE STOP
    HONG KONG SAR,CHINA: There are many search engines in the internet, located separately at different locations. Mr Kin Lum has designed and brought those popular search engines together with other search facilities onto one site: Service is free.
    email: LUM MENG LIANG url: Website
  • Jul 25, 2000 (2616): Top Level Asia Domain Names
    New Zealand: Japan:;;; China:;;; Hong Kong:;
    email: Todd Baxter url: Trade List
  • Jan 22, 2000 (2469): DOMAINS FOR SALE
    US: Following Internet Domaun names for sale:
    email: BKI url: Trade List
  • Oct 2, 1999 (2126): Thinking of Starting a Website?
    If you want to begin a website, we have much to offer you. We offer fast OC3 connections, FREE domain registration, unlimited autoresponsers, shopping cart, FrontPage support, real-audio, real-video, and much more. Visit us now for complete details.
    email: Stan Bailey url: website
  • Oct 1, 1999 (2115): CGI, Perl Script, Tips and more
    A archive of some of the very best, easy to use CGI scripts on the net that is sure to make your page a hit among it's visitors. So check them out and pick up your free scripts today, because there is a lot of competition on the web, and these will set your page apart from the rest.
    email: Gustav Evertsson
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2082): Multi-level Marketing Downline Club
    The Best MLM Downline Club is Now Launching in to the WMIGP (Worldwide Income Generating Program)! This is THE best program on the Internet today! This is a NEW Club and you will be part of a very fast growing Tap-Root Downline that is FREE TO JOIN!
    email: George Sidlo url: website
  • Sept 30, 1999 (2081): Make 20k in 5 minutes
    A company is now revealing how to make 20k or more using it's secret formula which has been proven to work. Absolutely Free Report to those who reply within the next 48hrs. After that the Report cost US$ 199.
    email: vektronent
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2077): Home Based Business in America
    US: I am a top executive in a company. I need 6 Top Line Executive Distributors to manage influx from mass advertising to 62 million people. Must be good!
    email: Mack Dalton
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2070): Tripple your Traffic, Double your Sales
    This was a major find for me. Not only did I take them up on it, I found out that I could give free vacations away also. No hidden charges, no tricks, no time sharing. Choose from 26 resorts including Honolulu, Las Vegas, DisneyWorld and Cancun, Mexico.
    email: Linda Galion url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2069): Make $1000 - $7999 mo pt/ft from Home
    FREE report on this exclusive work from home business opportunity that works for you. Work smarter, not harder by following our proven, unique, internationally successful work from home internet system. Discover the only automated home-business with unique proven product and marketing system for making money.
    email: Phyllis Cooke
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2068): Mini Manna Forced 2x2 matrix
    Your one-time wholesale purchase of a 100 word 90-day classified ad on and a 50 minute Manna Valley Phone Card will enter you into a 2 X 2 matrix that will fill quickly and allow you to cycle and earn money fast! As you cycle you drop into the next available position in your sponsors downline and continue to build. Imagine how powerful this can be when those you sponsor begin to cycle and fall into your downline. Now you build onto your success using leverage by entering Manna 1 and then Manna 2!
    email: working together url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2067): Marketing 2 Success
    Wow!! $100 per sale. Nobody can beat this.
    email: url: website
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2064): Help Children worldwide
    Help literally hundreds of thousands of children while creating wealth for you and your family!
    email: George Sidlo
  • Sept 29, 1999 (2063): 1,000,000 hits to my website? Naaa!
    Get real. Okay, so you probably won't get 1 million hits (unless you know about 1,000 people that will participate), but you sure can generate some traffic from passing this around. I sure did!
    email: Traffic Builders url: bulletin board



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