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Miscellaneous   Audio & video, Bag, luggage & travel related, Books & prints, Gifts & promotional products, Jewelry & watches, Musical instruments, Optical products, Recyclable materials, Toys & hobby products
Total Entries: 135.

    email: simon abraham
  • Oct 15, 2000 (2852): Manufacturing Chromium Oxide Green, Chromic Acid,
    China: We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of Chromium Salts in China and have been in this field for nearly 30 years. Our main products below: 01)Chromium Oxide Green (Cr2O3) 99.0% min. and 99.5% min. Hexavalent chrome content has Normal Grade and not more than 5ppm Grade. 02)Chromic Acid (CrO3) 99.7% min. Standard Gb1610-89. We guarantee to provide high quality products at the best prices in China. Fax:86-311-6101168
    email: Hui-Xue Zhang url: Bulletin Board
  • Oct 14, 2000 (2848): ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!
    india: we can offer the following:(1)coffee mugs-us$0.76,(2)pepsi 2 ltrs-us$1.20,(3)ball pens-us$0.085,(4)digital watches-us$1.30,(5)mineral water-us$0.11 per litre,(6)blank cassates-us$0.76,(7)stationary-registers of 288 pages-us$0.65,(8)biscuts(100gm)-us$0.13,(9)chocolates(nestle and cadburies)-us$0.326 per 40 gm onwards if u r interested plz contact immediately..
    email: bunny url: Trade List
  • Oct 11, 2000 (2841): soaps and detergents
    Philippines: We export vegetable origin soap noodles
    email: Paul Sim
  • Oct 4, 2000 (2830): Mask Sheet Pack for face beauty culture
    Korea: Mask Sheet Pack for face beauty culture Our mask sheet packs are high functional nourishing massage mask pack. This pack closely adhere to your skin texture without any sticky unpleasantness, and forms soft and slippery thin films on your face. These thin films, containing several cosmetic ingredients, make your face keep fresh moisture for a long time, and provide your skin texture with pleasant softness, resilience, as well as many other wonderful cosmetic effects. Three Kinds : essence pack, cucumber pack, vegetable pack
    email: Jeen Kang url: Bulletin Board
  • Sep 26, 2000 (2805): Wholesale, Manufacturers
    India: Decorative Botanicals, with the idea of creating dry floral products using quality floral components to insure beauty and longevity. Dried flowers : Preserved Dry, Natural Dry, Bleached Dye, Natural Dye, Natural assembled Flowers. We also deals in Potpourri (And its ingredients), Botanicals (Rose heads, petals Mosses, Nuts, Leaves, Exotic pods), Herbs & Spices, handmade & pressed flowers, Sola Flowers, Freeze Dried flowers, Bouquets, Gift sets & Accessories, Wreaths, New ‘Christmas and valentine’ range and many more items of dry botanicals. We will also like to fabricate products and designs to your specifications exclusively taking advantage of Indian low labour cost ( The labour cost is approx. 3 dollars for 8 hours). Contact for Bulk enquiry
    email: Sohan Rawat url: Trade List
  • Sep 18, 2000 (2790): Rishabh Resins & Chemicals (Various Resins)
    INDIA: Double refined Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, Cashew Friction dust Powder, All types of Alkyd Resin, Polyester Resin, Maleic Resin, Phenolic Resin, Phenol Formaldehyde, Urea Formaldehyde resin, Cardanol etc.
    email: Somnath Mukherjee url: Trade List
  • Sep 12, 2000 (2773): lighting
    CHINA: We're the biggest industrial lighting products manufacturer. The main products: high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, mercury lamp, flood lights, street lights, factory lights. We hold ISO-9002, CE certificates, I&E approval.
    email: YUNHONG LV url: Trade List
  • Sep 6, 2000 (2748): health food of lulucome imperial-tea
    China: We produce health food of lulucome imperial-tea.Welcome to visit our site.
    email: Zhu jialu url: Website
  • Sep 3, 2000 (2731): leisure food and children food etc.
    China: We product various kind of leisure food, children food, biscuit, including candy, chocolate and wafer.Welcome to visit our site.
    email: Mo songqiu url: Website
  • Aug 31, 2000 (2723): Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Goods
    Pakistan: We are the Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Goods,Our products are of International standards & prices are attracive.
    email: M.Amer Shafique url: Bulletin Board
  • Aug 31, 2000 (2722): torch
    China: Jin Xing Torch Factory, located in Caitang town, Chaoan county of Guangdong province, is specialized in producing torches for many years.Welcome to visit our site.
    email: Jin Xing Torch Factory url: Website
  • Aug 29, 2000 (2713): packing and printing
    China: We are engage in printing and packing.Such as paper and film packing with various kinds.Welcome to visit our site.
    email: Xu muhui url: Website
  • Aug 29, 2000 (2709): leisure food and children food etc.
    China: We product various kind of leisure food, children food, biscuit, including candy, chocolate and wafer.Welcome to visit our site.
    email: Mo songqiu url: Website
  • Jul 14, 2000 (2586): Reserved Telephone
    Europe: Anonymous (GSM) SIMM Cards Incoming and Outgoing Calls! Big Brother Is Listening In On You! Your own Swiss ( or Czech, Spain, UK and Italy ) Number can be used with all GSM cell phones Calls can be made and received worldwide. For only US$1000 Swiss (or Czech, Spain, UK and Italy ) based SIMM card with US$25 of prepaid call time and courier delivery worldwide. Orders are shipped within 15 days of receipt of funds
    email: Telecom



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