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Petrochemicals   Aromatics, Butylene, Ethylene, Methane, Petroleum & related products, Propylene
Total Entries: 21.

  • Aug 20, 2000 (2683): chromic acid,chrome oxide green,FAX:86-311-6830252
    China: CHROMATE CHEMICAL CO.LTD.(FAX:86-311-6830252)is a leading manufacturer and exporter of chromate chemicals in China. CHROMATE CHEMICAL CO.LTD. FAX: 86-311-6830252
    email: chromate chemical (FAX:86-311-6830252) url: Trade List
  • Aug 16, 2000 (2671): Offer Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Bags fro Nylon 6 Ch
    Taiwan: We are one of the leading bag manufacturer/exporter in Taiwan and are specialist in Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Bag, Barricade Tapes & Tapping Woven Aluminum Foil Cloth. Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotations as well as samples if your company, your sister companies and/or your branch companies have any inquiry to our products and we sincerely look forward to hearing your kind reply soon. Jurat Houseware Supplies, Inc. Tel: 886-4-525 0490 Fax: 886-4-525 0497
    email: Madison Chen
  • Jul 27, 2000 (2635): supply barium hydroxide mono/octa from china
    china: We are the largest specialized manufacturer and exporter of Barium Hydroxide and its series products. We have advanced technology and perfect inspection. Our products sell well in many countries and areas, such as: USA, Japan, Taiwan, East Europe, South Africa, Australia, etc. We always attach importance to quality, consumer and reputation. Usage: To make barium salts, organic compound. In petroleum industry, it can be used as multi-efficacy additive. To refine oils, sucrose of act as soft water agent. It is also raw material of make barium-base lubricating grease, medicine, plastic, artificial silk, glass and enamel. In 25KG net each PP bags with liner, multi-ploy craft-paper bags Or Paper-plastic complex bags. Of course processed as clientĄ¯s requirement. TEL: 86-351-4226246 or 4226147 FAX: 86-351-4167387
    email: buo yu guo
  • Jul 23, 2000 (2610): various chemical: PLANT GROWTH REGULATOR, Agrochemic
    china: SAMLONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. specilize in export various chemical: Agrochemicals(HERBICIDES/FUNGICIDES,INSECTICIDES,PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS),Cosmetic Ingredients, Food Additives, Nutritional Supplements, Phytochemicals & Biochemicals, Veterinary Drugs, Bulk Pharmaceuticals ,Food Ingredients,Feed Additives ,Industrial Chemicals ,etc
    email: xue feng url: Website
  • Mar 1, 2000 (2475): coal tar,coke chemical products
    Ukraine: We offer the following products of coke chemical production: 1. Creosote oil; 2. Crude phenol; 3. Coal tar; 4. Coal tar pitch; 5. Anthracene oil; and 6. Naphthalene oil.
    email: julia mikhno url: Bulletin Board
  • Feb 10, 2000 (2470): Tung oil, basscylic acid, Zinc Oxide, Gum Rosin
    China: We can supply as follow: ZnO, Turpentine, Citric acid, Tung oil, Sodium citrate, TiO2, Lithopone, Sb2O3, KCLO4, KClO3, Pine oil, Brassylic acid, Gum Rosin, BaSO4, Antimony, Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, ZnCl, Soda, MnO2, PVA, Sodium sulfate, Collagen casing, etc. Guizhou southwest prefecture import & export Corp. Tel/Fax: 86 859 3223366
    email: Liu Fan url: Bulletin Board
  • Sept 26, 1999 (1979): Jet Fuel #54
    I am in contact with a selling group who urgently want to sell 210,000,000 US Gallons (and more) jet fuel monthly for a period of up to sixty months. The offer is valid for the next two days and is on a "first come, first served" basis.
    email: Flexisource
  • Sept 15, 1999 (1832): Magic Heat
    US: Magic Heat, is an all-purpose heating cooking fuel, with stove. Great for Y2K, catalog sales, campers, hikers, backpackers, and emergencies. In retail packs, in English, French, and Spanish. Great for retailers. Email and request pics and specs.
    email: Bill Mead
  • Sept 11, 1999 (1763): 8-Hydroxyquinoline
    8-Hydroxyquinoline (C9H7NO), is now widely used in metal separation, chelate of metal complex, synthetic ion exchange resin, synthetic dyes, stabilizers, medicine, pesticide, preservatives, fresh-keeping agents, brightening agents. And pure 8-Hydroxyquinoline is also used as chemical agent. We, Northern Petroleum (Singapore) Pte Ltd, can produce 50-100 MT for industrial use, 1-2 MT for use in reagents.
    email: Gang Li url: trade list
  • Sept 6, 1999 (1698): Benzoyl Peroxide
    China: We are a reputed Chinese company can supply benzoyl Peroxide of industrial Grade 75 in glass fiber reinforced industries.
    email: Tiiec
  • Aug 30, 1999 (1647): Ethyl Alcohol 96%
    Iran: We can offer ethyl alcohol 96% to all over the world from Iran (Quantity: no limit). please contact us for more information.
    email: m.reza valibeiki url: trade list
  • Aug 29, 1999 (1643): Acrylic Fibres
    US: We are distributor of Acrylic Fibres and Nylon -6 virgin and glassfilled chips from CIS. We are looking for well connected indenting agents (representatives) to promote and distribute our products in their countries. If you are interested, please contact us anytime. Direct buyers are welcome.
    email: Selex Inc
  • Aug 27, 1999 (1625): Oil wax
    Iran: As the convassing agent of the Iranian oil refiners, we are seeking for new partners for mutual co-operation in business of Iranian petroleum products, such as Paraffin and slack wax, petrolatum, Base oil, Motor oil, Hydraulic oil, Bright stock and so on. Based on extensive range of products and competitive quality and prices, we are certain this co-operation would serve you in the best possible way.
    email: Mandana Zandi url: trade list
  • Aug 20, 1999 (1537): Colour Master batch
    Korea: We offer high qulaity of Master Batch of Korean manufacture.
    email: bictra url: website
  • Aug 16, 1999 (1447): Base Oil
    LIRONNTA LTD would like to offer you Base Oils M-6, M-8, M-11, M-14. Delivery terms: $180/MT on FOB Port Vladivostok basis.
    email: Nikolay Limanovsky url: website



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