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Rules & Guidelines
Kindly review the following rules & guidelines before using the Trade List. These rules & guidelines have been adopted to regulate the use of the Trade List so that it can benefit the most number of users. Users who do not abide by these rules & guidelines will be prohibited from posting to the Trade List, and may be blacklisted. We shall periodically publish a list of the abusers, so that other users can send their "flame" emails to them, congratulating them for making it to the blacklist.
  • Check the category before posting.  If you are not sure of the category, kindly review the view post page. If you are still not sure, check out the postings for the your category of interest, to see if others are posting similar items in that category. If all else fails, choose the category that best suits the item you wish to post. Advise us if you feel there is a need to open a new category in the Trade List.
  • Keep posting brief.  Before you post, kindly summarize the text as brief as practically possible, leaving out detailed specs, and other information. This is NOT a webpage to display the full semantics of your offer. If you really need to describe more, we suggest you register for a free website, create your pages there, and provide you url link to the website in the Trade List. You may try free yellow or maxpages for a FREE website.
  • No repeated posting.  Re-posting of the same offer (using similar text or otherwise) is NOT allowed. If you wish to post a fresh offer, please make sure you delete your earlier posting before making the same offer again. Repeated posting of the same offer will be classified as SPAM, and you risk having all your postings deleted from the Trade List, and being barred from futher posting to the Trade List.
  • No promiscous or sexual offers.  The hosting provider does not permit the publishing of such offers or links to such sites, and hence we regret that your may not post such offers on the Trade List. If you do so, and the service is affected, we shall hold you in legal breach of this requirement, and you risk being prosecuted.
  • No obscene language.  The trade community is a respectable group. Kindly refrain from using language that is not appropriate. If you have problems with the English language, kindly consult persons who can assist you in the matter.
  • Use correct Email address.  The functionality of the Trade List lies in users being able to reach the poster, and this is via the Email address. All confirmations, and notifications to changes in the Trade List will be made to the email address you provide. Kindly refrain from using email address that does not belong to you. If you need an email address, you can get one FREE, such as at
  • Registration requirements.  At the present moment, prior registration is not required before you post to the Trade List. Registration requirements will not be imposed so long as the operation of the Trade List remains normal, but we reserve the right to do so at a later date.
  • Buyers/Sellers Beware.  The Trade List in an unmoderated list, where there is no prior registration requirement. Consequently, we are unable to and have not ascertained the genuineness or authenticity of the posters and users of the Trade List. Kindly do your own credit checks and enquiry before committing to any sale, purchase, investment or other transaction.
  • Software robots.  The post, deletion, notification and other functions at the site are undertaken by software programs (or robots), so that you have an immediate, 24/7 access to your posts. We do not warrant the proper workings of the robots. In case there are problems or bugs in the program, kindly advise us so that we can arrange to solve the same. For your information, the entire software was developed in-house. Hence, if there are features you wish us to add, advise us.

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